„...with modern compositions, traditional songs, luscious vocal harmonies and thumping pipes and drums - they hit all the sweet spots!“

NEW SINGLE - 'Wonky Driveway'

Our first instrumental single introduces Malin Lewis and LUAS' Scottish line-up. Malin is a queer bagpiper and award-winning composer from north-west Scotland. They marry deep traditional roots with adventurous innovation and a beautiful sense for sounds and timbres - listen to their album 'Halocline' for more Malin!
The 'Wonky Driveway' is a catchy tune Brian wrote in apologising for the terrible job he did helping a friend pave his driveway. It quickly began dissipating in all directions as the title indicates! It's got that feel-good vibe of a sunny day about it. 
It was a pleasure working with Ross Saunders at GloWorm Studios, Glasgow on this one.

Wonky Driveway - Music Video

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