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„..driving pipes-playing backed by a groove machine!“
„..catchy arrangements and beautitful harmonies to classic songs.“
„..with modern compositions, traditional songs, luscious vocal harmonies and thumping pipes and drums - they hit all the sweet spots!"

LUAS is a unique collective of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds led by irish trad multi-instrumentalist and singer Brian Haitz. Firmly rooted in the celtic tradition, LUAS effortlessly expand the traditional sound with pop, world, rock and jazz influences, captivating new audiences with celtic folk fusion.

Their compositions are an infectious blend of catchy melodies and danceable grooves while traditional songs are tastefully arranged with vocal harmonies and modern sounds. What sets LUAS apart is their diverse repertoire - featuring everything from haunting airs, classic songs, gorgeous vocal harmonies to energetic pipes and drums.

Let the electrifying music of LUAS transport you to a world where the past and present converge and their captivating celtic fusion music has everyone singing, dancing and smiling!
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The band

The band consists of core members and part-timers allowing them to collaborate with some of the best musicians on their respective instruments and enrich LUAS’ journey through creative cross-pollination. The pipes are a highlight example of this, with LUAS boasting one of the best irish uilleann pipers in Simon Pfisterer (3onthebund, Cara) aswell as Malin Lewis (malin makes music) - one of Scotland’s premier bagpipers and standout artists.
brian harwitz
Brian Haitz
Guitar, Vocals, Flute, Whistle

Brian grew up playing Irish Trad Music on whistle, flute und guitar. Still a teenager, he was awarded Young Musician of the Year 2009 at Sidmouth Folk Festival and went on to a degree in music production. He's appeared on stage with Paddy Keenan and Alan Doherty among others.
Luas was born out of Brians compositions and arrangements.
Julius Oppermann
Julius Oppermann
Drums, Percussion, Vocals

Julius grew up in a highly musical family, steeped in world music, and early from a young age played with top-class musicians from all over the world. He studied Latin American percussion in Rotterdam and became a sought-after studio and live musician. He can be heard in projects such as Buyakano, Rigolo, Klangwelten, SnapJacks and many more.
Michael Poelchau
Michael Poelchau
Fiddle, Vocals

Michael's enthusiasm and genuine love for Irish music shines through in his skillful fiddling. His groovy and playful style brings a level of authenticity and excitement to his performances. You can also hear Michael playing with other groups such as Northern Light and An Tor.
Simon Pfisterer
Simon Pfisterer
Uilleann Pipes, Guitar, Flute, Whistle

Simon's love of music began early, and he played many European bagpipes before discovering his passion for the uilleann pipes. He pursued a degree in Irish Traditional Music and Dance in Limerick, Ireland. 
Today, Simon's music can be heard across Europe as he performs full-time with bands such as 3onthebund and Cara.
Malin Lewis
Scottish Highland Pipes, Whistle, Fiddle

Malin Lewis is an award-winning piper, fiddler, composer and instrument-maker from Scotland. They marry deep traditional roots with adventurous innovation. Malin studied at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and took an ERASMUS sojourn at Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy.
They can be heard primarily with their highly acclaimed band Malin Makes Music.
Lucia Wagner
Lucia Wagner
Fiddle, Keys

Lucia is an experienced musician who has performed on stage from a young age. She has played a variety of instruments and genres, including folk, pop, baroque, and jazz music. She graduated in jazz violin and singing in 2017 and later studied traditional Irish music in Limerick, Ireland. Lucia performs with various groups, including Larún, Breaking Strings, and Ensemble Unisonus.
Jonas Weinfurtner
Jonas Weinfurtner
Keys, Vocals

Oliver Metzger
Oliver Metzger
Sound, Effects, Samples

Oliver is a sound engineer with over 30 years of experience, having worked with high-profile acts such as Crosby&Nash, Anna Maria Kaufmann and 50 Cent. He provides FOH sound, effects and samples, and has a personal passion for Celtic Rock. More information on his work at
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